First-Year Students

Students who are starting their music degree at UNF should take MUT 1111 (Theory I) and MUT 1241 (Theory I, Aural) during the fall semester of their first year.

If you have had little prior training in music theory, it is likely that you will find Theory I very challenging. (The course moves quite quickly, especially during the first half of the semester.) Therefore, it is recommended that you take MUT 1011 (Fundamentals of Music) instead. Although Fundamentals of Music does not cover some of the more advanced topics that Theory I addresses, it spends a much larger portion of the semester on the more foundational concepts from Theory I that are essential for succeeding in Theory II–IV. (Regardless of whether you take Theory I or Fundamentals of Music in the fall, you should also take Theory I, Aural.)

If you pass Fundamentals of Music in the fall, the School of Music will exempt you from Theory I and allow you to register for Theory II (MUT 1112) in the spring. In other words, taking Fundamentals of Music will not put you behind in the music theory sequence.

A placement test will be given before the start of the fall semester to help you decide whether you should take Theory I or Fundamentals of Music. Due to the situation with covid-19, this test will be administered online through the Canvas website for Theory I. The website (and test) will be available in August. (If you are a first-year student, please make sure you are registered for Theory I so you are able to access the test once the Canvas website is published.)

If you took AP Music Theory in high school, you may already have credit for Theory I and/or Theory I, Aural. It is your responsibility to check with your academic adviser to make sure that your credits for these courses have transferred to UNF. Also, be aware that even if you took AP Music Theory, you may still want to take Theory I and/or Theory I, Aural in the fall to ensure that you are fully prepared for Theory II and Theory II, Aural in the spring. (Students who skip Theory I or Theory I, Aural sometimes struggle in their subsequent music theory courses.) If you are unsure whether you should take Theory I and/or Theory I, Aural, you should contact Dr. Stephen Gosden (